Wild herbs are the theme of the year 2019

In year 2019 the theme of the Food Craftmanship FC is wild herbs. Artisan food entrepeneurs are encouraged  to use wild herbs in their products. Jury has the opportunity to give wild herbs commendation to high-quality products, which are produced according to set criteria, in all competition classes.

There are 11 wild herbs, which are accepted in year 2019 Food Craftmanship FC competition. These are defined as: Wild plants, which are eatable and grow wildly in nature. Wild herbs, which are taken into consideration for this competition are: wild raspberry (no berry), nettle, dandelion, yarrow, spruce tip, lady’s-mantle, birch leaf, sheep’s sorrel, wood sorrel, rosebay willowgroundherb and ground elder.

Evaluation criteria for wild herbs commendation, which are compatible with the artisan food criteria are:

Sustainable gathering

Wild herbs are  collected sustainable, respecting the nature. Wild herbs are collected from the areas in which there are a great deal of those species. Wild herbs are not collected from the areas, where the plant is rare or endangered. Plant is not harvested from the threatened life habitat, neither from the nature reserve or from Natura-area. Collecting has not endangered the growth and survival of the plants nor it has not caused interruptions to landowners.

Consumer information and communication

It is obvious and clear for consumer, which wild herb is included to product. Consumer is able to trace the place, where wild herbs are gathered.

Applying to product

Applying the wild herbs to product has an effect to taste and the features of the product.